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A Better Way To Privately Share & Get The Photos You Are Missing

the easiest way to:
  • collect and exchange photos in a
  • secure and private way and to
  • access Kooboodle anywhere
    to view, add and share your
    photo collection
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What is Kooboodle?

With Kooboodle you can...
Easily Collect & Exchange Photos
  • You can easily gather the thousands of photos on your computer and on your mobile phone into a single unified private collection.
  • Kooboodle safely enables the private exchange of hundreds of photos you want between you and your friends.
Kooboodle is...
Secure and Private
  • Kooboodle safely stores your photos using bank level encryption.
  • Only the people you select will have access to the photos you have granted permission to.
  • The photos and comments are never searchable by public search engines.
Kooboodle can...
Access Your Photos Anywhere
  • You can access your photos anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • Kooboodle is available for Mac or Windows PCs and Apple or Android mobile devices.